Monday, August 13, 2007

Fairs Fairs everywhere!

We had a week of crazy fair fun! First we had the Johnson County fair. We went on Tuesday for "Family Fun Night". The kids had a good time and we ate some tasty but bad for you Fair food. Sweet Potato fries and corn dog for the kids. It was really hot. Then Wed. we went back up to the fair for the kids to ride the rides. It was great fun. Dominic could only ride the cars and the carousel, he was too short for the other ones. Gioia wanted to ride everything. She rode everything that she could. She and my sister rode the Ferris Wheel. The swings were her favorite thing though. The first turn around on the swings, her face had the biggest grin possible and her eyes were all lit up. I don't think she knew she would fly that high. She LOVED it. Massimo said, that look on her face was worth the 16 dollar armband.

Thursday we left here to go to my moms house. Our hometown fair, which we call the Jameson Picnic, was going on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So Thursday night we made it down. We ate some delicious Tenderloin sandwiches and then they had a talent show. Gioia sang "He's got the whole world in his hands" and "Immaculate Mary". Both are songs she learned in Bible School. Then I sang "Before he cheats" by Carrie Underwood. Gioia didn't place but I won Second place in the 17 and over group. I don't have pictures of this because I videotaped it instead.

Friday we went back up for more fun and ride the rides. My mom bought the kids armband (unlimited rides) all 3 nights. Grandmas are silly like that. I thought it was hot on Tuesday, LORD ALMIGHTY, it got soooo hot by Friday and Saturday. The heat index (what it feels like) was 109 and 105. It was like been in an oven. Amazing enough they only had one incident of someone getting sick. It was a man in the band Friday night and he was diabetic, so i am not even sure it was heat related.

Saturday, they had the baby show. Dominic was in it. Then Gioia was in the Little Miss show. These are small town baby shows, Dominic had 3 boys in his group. He didn't win. Its ok. Gioia had about 8 in her group. She didn't win either but after it was over the lady had the microphone for them to say their own names. Gioia grabbed the microphone and burst into her songs again (from the talent show) and wouldn't give it back until she was finished. The crowd was laughing. So even though she didn't win the trophy, she stole the show anyway. Saturday night they rode rides, Massimo picked us up at about 9pm and we drove home. It was a long weekend, but really fun.

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