Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I been tagged again.

I was tagged by Alissa. So I will try to make it interesting.

Here are the rules for being tagged:
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1. I like to sing. I sang at a local talent show a few weeks ago and I got 2nd place. Woo hoo! I won 10 dollars. ha ha!

2. I got run over by a van when I was 3. No permanent damage and no broken bones. I think the only one traumatized was my mom. Poor mom. :)

3. I would love to have a homebirth next time. Gotta keep talking with that husband of mine to convince him. Each person we know that has one gets us closer and closer. Especially all you HBAC (HomeBirth After Cesarean) mommas! You ROCK!!!

4. I love ice cream! I try to eat healthy but we have ice cream several times a week. DH and I love to go out and get ice cream at Culvers, or Dairy Queen. We went to the best place last week. Sylas and Maddys in Olathe. OH it was heaven. I had English Toffee ice cream on a homemade waffle cone. WOW! DH had Pistachio Almond and it was great as well. I can't wait to go back there again.

5. I spend too much time on the internet. Damn you KCAP! LOL! I check my email, chat on my forum, and do tons of other things. If we move to the country I am going to fork out the 50 bucks for Satellite Internet because I can do without TV but don't try to take my Internet.

6. I love to cook. I really enjoyed the cooking club I was in but DH wasn't as impressed with it. I especially love making tasty desserts. I can't wait for winter food time. I am hungry for Clam Chowder and Chicken Pot Pie. MMMM!!!

7. I love good rock music. I am really disappointed lately that my favorite rock station has TONS of swearing on it. I mean, even during the commercial breaks. It is so bad that I can hardly listen to it for fear of the kids repeating it. GGRR!!

8. I like to get a reaction out of people. I love to wear my advocacy shirts for Breastfeeding, my bumper stickers and things like that. I think people will never become comfortable with things like nursing older babies (like 2 year olds) if they don't see people doing it. I don't mind answering questions about stuff like birth, breastfeeding, homeschooling so I guess I am a good person to promote it.

Ok. I am not going to tag anyone, because they have already been all tagged. Enjoy.

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Sarah said...

I could have written your #4, 5, and 6. I hope you really do get to have a homebirth next time. They're amazing!