Friday, August 24, 2007

Crayon Roll

So once again I have copied some fun things my friend Sarah T. is doing. Her blog if you don't already check it out, always has the cutest things on it. Lately she has posted several tutorials that are online and show pictures of each step. I need these kinds of things. Without pictures I am totally clueless. That is why I have such trouble making things from paper patterns. However, if you give me a picture and the exact measurements, I can make it, it seems.

I have also set my sewing machine up in the living room. This is great! I have even be successful in keeping the kids from bothering it. Seems after the newness of it being there wore off, they aren't very interested in it. I can sew, stop, help them, or whatever and they can play right near me. It is great.

So here it is. The Crayon Roll I made Gioia. I made one for Dominic too, but hers turned out better. I am giving them to the kids as presents next week for Dominics Birthday.


Sarah said...

Very cute!

Kara said...

good job on the crayon roll!

Boo said...

that's awesome! i want one for my crayons! lol