Monday, August 20, 2007

I feel so Crafty!

I am so excited! I have made two things this week that worked out. Usually I have grand ideas of making things, clothes for the kids, things for myself and it never works out. I can't figure out the pattern or I make it wrong. Anyway, I made Gioia's skirt the other day. Which I am planning to make her a couple more just tweek the measurements. Today I made a bag. WOO HOO! And it turned out good but GIANT. Its ok though. I am going to use it for a beach bag. We needed a bigger bag to fit our towels and toys in. I have enough material left to make a smaller bag for my sister. She said she would like one for school to throw stuff in. I think I am going to make some for Christmas for some of my female relatives. I have some really nice material I bought that will look great.

Got the pattern for this fromhere.

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