Thursday, August 16, 2007


So yesterday I went to get some fabric to make a skirt for Gioia and a bag for me, possibly one for my sister and if they turn out great, maybe some for Christmas gifts. We get the fabric only 30 bucks. YAHH! I actually make it home with all the things i need. I start sewing Gioia's skirt last night, only to realize I cut every piece wrong. :( I cut them all the wrong directions. ALL the fabric is wasted. :( I was so upset I really thought I was going to cry. Well, I had dreams about it all night. I realized I had some leftover fabric that would match the little bit I had left. SO I worked on it today and I MADE A SKIRT!! It was really easy ( well if you are smart even to cut it right). I got it from here: SKIRT
I will make a few more for her maybe for Christmas. I would make it a few inches less wide around the waist. It is supposed to be gathered to twirl, but I think it is too gathered and would look better a smidge smaller. I would also like to try it a couple inches shorter. My daughter is tall and skinny.

Not to leave the boy out. Here he is in Big Boy Pants. He is still awesome about peeing in the potty and not his pants. Still not pooping on the potty but hey. I have been only using about one diaper a day for this week and I am REALLY happy about that.


Sarah said...

The skirt looks great!

mamaperreca said...

Thanks Sarah. I got the idea from you. Now I have this crazy urge to make felt food. AHHH!! :)