Sunday, August 05, 2007

Move out to the country, eat a lot of peaches...

So we want to move out to the country (and eat a lot of peaches...heh hee). We are serious about it and plan to try to put our house on the market next spring/summer. In the meantime, we are looking at properties, both land and houses with land. If we find a great vacant land we will probably buy it and plan to build next spring. However, we are hoping to find a house already on some great land. We have looked at a couple houses and like a few areas. We have narrowed our search down. We have to stay within about 30-40 minutes drive of my husbands work.

We looked at a house yesterday in Cleveland Missouri. It was really cool. 12.45 acres, barn (needs new roof), small shed, and "garage" that really is justs a tin building, m-ay-be you could fit one car in it but I doubt it. We would most likely tear it down and build a nice 2 car garage. The house was a 2 bed, 1 bath brick house. It has all hardwoods in it, nice old woodwork in it, and it is great. The interior doesn't need any work. Then it has a second floor that they finished. It would need a little work, but it is basically 1 bedroom, but is the size of almost two rooms. SO it would be perfect for a kids room and playgroup combo. If we bought this house, we would build on to it, probably large Master Bathroom (to make bath #2), extend the kitchen, and another room like a dining room with windows around it to have an excellent view. Then DH had a good idea that instead of a deck we could do a large patio with a wrought iron fence enclosing it, to keep the pets off when you are entertaining or eating. Think about Italy Bistro kind of theme. I think I love it all, but DH is not so sure. So we are waiting and thinking on it. It would be really nice to get a house and land already done, but of course that cost more money too.

We also found a really cute house in Peculiar, MO. We haven't been to see the inside of it yet, but DH was in love with it because it is on a gravel cul-de-sac, 8 acres and the house is already done, 3 bed, 2 bath. The online pictures look great. We drove by it one day to see the location and area. The neighbor dogs were just walking right up to us. There were several neighbors on the street but everyone has several acres in between them. That one was more money, so we would have to sell our house FIRST then buy it. I don't know if it will be on the market this spring. I am sure the sellers hope not. :)

Anyway, it is fun and exciting to be going through this process and it is SOO different this time, because we are in a better financial position and it really opens a lot of doors for us.

My list of things I am going to do when I get my land/house:
#1 - A CLOTHES LINE! WOO HOO! I can hang my diapers and other clothes outside. Fun!
#2 - Get a diesel car/van or something to run biodiesel on. AKA... Grease from the local restaurant. I need a shed to filter and store the grease. (stop laughing it is free and good for the environment)
#3 - Get a couple goats for the kids to pet and love and eat the grass.
#4 - Next spring - HUGE ASS garden. HUGE flower garden and flowers everywhere. :)
#5- Horse or Pony for the kids - maybe a year or 2 down the road.

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