Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My sister came to visit today. It was really fun. We went out for pizza and then swimming at the new awesome Aquatic Center in town. The kids had a great time too. She is going to be moving in with us for a couples months. She and her husband are separating. It is very sad and upsetting to us all. I haven't posted about it because it is personal and not really mine to share I guess. I have a friend who I can talk to about it and my husband of course. Mel, my sister, is going back to college to be a RN. She starts classes first of July. The kids will love having her around more, so that is a plus. We lived with her and her DH for 3 months when we moved back to KS from TX. So we definitely owe her.

Now the Ta-Da story. So like I said previously we went to eat pizza, then to the park and while we were at the park Gioia needed to pee. I took her potty, which required taking off her swimsuit and all that. No problem, we use the bathroom and go back to playing. After that we go swimming. While we are at the pool she looks at my sister and says TA-DA! AND..... pulls a marble out from inside her swimming suit. FROM HER PRIVATES! Yes, folks. The new and improved Ben-Wa-Ball. A marble! My sister about died. She came and told me, gave me the marble and we had a good laugh. She told Gioia in a serious voice, we don't put things in our privates. OK>>>> think back to where I said she peed and I noticed nothing! EEGADS!!! Marble privileges have been revoked. Putting things in her panties has been an ongoing issue, but always before she has used her underwear as a pocket. Like she would put the toy hammer in there to hold it because she didn't have a pocket. I had a friend a while back say that her daughter tried to do this very thing.

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