Friday, June 08, 2007


Well this week has been very stressful. Had lots of things going on with our extended family this week, both my husbands side and mine. Family stuff is very stressful. I noticed yesterday that the kids were acting up, especially in the evening when they were tired and DH just got home. I really think they were picking up on all the tension going around. SO today we decided to get out of our funk and have a great day. It was cool all day, started in the 50's early morning and got into the 70's at the highest. We ran errands, got some lunch, went to the park for 2 hours, and then came home. The kids took 2 hour naps, I printed pictures off and put them in albums. It was just what we needed. We had a nice dinner at home, then went to the mall. Both kids got new flip-flop sandals and we got Dairy Queen ice cream. Then we played at the mall until 9pm. The kids made some little friends, it was cute. D fell asleep on the way home, and Gioia went right to bed too. I am going to bed now as well. My goal for tomorrow is to keep my mind busy with positive things and have a fun weekend with my hubby and kids.

Oh hubby and baby got haircuts today too. We shaved D's head again and he looks so damn cute! Gioia and I also worked on an Addition Math workbook. She is getting it pretty good. She wasn't as interested as I thought she would be but it was neat to see her catching on and learning it. We only did one page.

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