Monday, June 25, 2007

I got tagged..

Ok so I got tagged by my friend Sarah to do a list of seven random thing about me. Hmm.. Lets see, I will try to think of interesting things.

1. I have a tongue ring, various earrings, one tattoo and I want another tattoo. I will get it, just gonna take some time and money.

2. I love to travel. Hoping to make it with the family to Italy this year, and maybe Cancun or somewhere warm next year.

3. I have a degree in Animal Science and twice I worked for corporate pig farms. (That was before my crunchy days. I could never work there now.)

4. I wish I never had to wear shoes, and I don't really care much for shaving. i do shave because my DH prefers it, otherwise I would just be hairy.

5. Every since I was little I always wanted to work with animals. I once tried to care for the following animals: Blind kitten (died), baby calf that couldn't walk (died) and a injured frog (i think it died). So maybe that wasn't my calling after all, or was I trying to fix the hopeless?

6. I love to sing. My kids love to sing. I can bust out some damn good Karoke songs. Word.

7. I love to read. Stephen King is my favorite, pretty sure I have read every book he has published, or really close to it.

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