Monday, June 04, 2007

Homeschooling workbooks.

Today I decided to get the letters and numbers workbooks out again for Gioia. She has always loved doing them, but she is a bit of a perfectionist and would get frustrated and say she couldn't do it. Well we have reached a turning point! Today she would tell me to close my eyes and she would write her letters. Then I would open them and see how she did. After several pages of that, I said I would do the dishes and when she was done to tell me and I would look. This was fine and she is on the 9th page of her workbook. She wants to just keep going and do more pages. That is fine with me! She may finish the whole book today. LOL!

I am going to start her on the addition book as well. It is sums up to 6, then sums up to 10. I know she can do those. It also has pictures, so you can count the physical things and find your answer. Perfect for her age. Its says 1st grade book. She is 4. Yeah, I guess I am bragging a bit. Honestly, though I find it amazing and cool how she learns all this on her own or with everyday guidance from her parents.

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