Friday, June 22, 2007

The future

So gioia and I are talking about growing up. She was asking if I was going to have lots of birthdays. I said, yes until I am a really old lady. She said "I will have lots of birthdays until I am 10 then I will be a lady." "Then I will get married to my husband named Man." I asked her what she would do after she was married. She said "I would get a tongue ring!" LOL!!! Then she said, after that I would be a grandma. Funny kid!!

HA HA! ok. So perhaps I will leave this blog post going and just type what she says all day. Now she says about her brother "He is going to turn to a man. Then I will marry that man." I said you will marry him? "Yes, I am gonna marry my brother." she says. *No hunny, we don't live in Arkansas.*

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Anonymous said...

My how times change.....when you were four, I'm sure you didn't even know what a tongue ring was, or maybe no one we knew had them?!?! How funny! These are just daily reminders of how their little brains are "working" constantly!!
Oh, and good answer on the brother thing!! :)
"Grandma Elaine"