Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mission accomplished

Fleas have been terminated! Our friend came and sprayed. I am so glad. We have to wait a few more days to make sure no more come back. He said we might have to spray one more time. Hopefully they are dead.

This weekend has been crazy busy so far. We had a preschool soccer playdate this morning. We attempted to get the kids to play soccer. They did pretty good. Then we went to KC, MO to pick up some old vintage windows. I am going to use them to make doors for a china cabinet. It is going to look awesome. I got 6 for $60 bucks. Whatever i don't use I will re-sell or give away. Then we rushed home to babysit for my friends boys. They were here for 5 hours. It was pretty good. Dominic was so tired that he crashed and went to bed at 7pm.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day and I am a little bummed because the gift I ordered for DH didn't come yet. It should be here Monday or Tuesday. He is being understanding. I think he will be excited when he gets it. I am not telling him what it is. The kids got him a card and we will make it a relaxing day.

Massimo went to an auction today and bought me a sewing machine for $1.00. WOW! It was an estate sale and this lady had tons of crap he said. Weirdest of all was a huge collection of porcelain puppets. The marionette kind with strings. I guess maybe she made dolls since there were doll parts new in boxes. So tomorrow we will try the machine out and see if it actually works, which I think it will.

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