Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More freezer food.

Now I have Taco Meat, BBQ Brisket and All Beef hot dogs/sausages in my freezer. YIPPEE. A few friends and I are doing a cooking club swap. I will get 3 freezer meals out of that. SO yeah! Also my parenting group always does a sign up and we bring meals to the new mom. So I will get some meals then as well. I am planning to save my freezer meals for the time after the baby gets here. Like that next month when DH goes back to work and I am up all night with the baby. Those DAYS! ;) Also i will probably hit Costco up for some frozen ravioli and things like that. They have the best all natural whole ingredient Ravioli. The spinach and cheese ones are my favorite. We just had the Brie Cheese and Roasted Garlic ones, they were good too!

My other goal, besides making my life easier, is to avoid spending all the money of eating out. I love to eat out, but I always feel sick when I get the bill of $50 or whatever it is for most families of 4. We don't even go to fancy places, but still 10 a person at Olive Garden, then tip maybe a glass of wine. Bang! 50 bucks. Well the wine is for DH, I am the dessert person. Everyone knows I have a giant sweet tooth. LOL!!

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Shawn said...

Good for you for getting meals together. I'm looking forward to our little cooking exchange too :)