Friday, August 08, 2008

Dancing girls, Deer and other fun

Thursday we headed to my moms for the Jameson Picnic. My hometown Jameson has a small fair every year. It used to be really big with a small carnival, kids rides and all that. Now it has been reduced to a group that brings all the Moonbounces for the kids to jump in. The kids still had a great time. They have a talent show. Last year Gioia and I both sang and both won 2nd. This year Gioia danced. She did Walk the Dinosaur. She won second again and $15 prize. She was really excited. It was pretty cute because she lost a shoe during her routine, she put it back on and kept dancing! I was really proud of her. She didn't get flustered. After the shows were over they had a free drawing. Gioia won the hat in the picture. It is camo with Terry Implement (tractor store) on it, but she loves the darn thing and wears it ever waking minute.

We had a good time. Played with the new kittens. We took a ride on the Ranger. The kids got to go swimming with their cousins. I also included a picture of my moms flowers. They are really pretty. The pink ones are Mandavilla.

Friday on my way home I hit a deer. The actual situation went like this. NICE 8-10 point deer runs out in front of our car, but a little ways up. I said "WHOA. Dominic look at that Deer!" BAM! I hit the second deer and never even saw him coming. All I saw was antlers and the deer sliding across the pavement and off into the ditch. It took me a second to realize I hit it. I never slammed on my brakes and my seatbelt didn't even lock up. All this is probably pretty lucky since I am hugely pregnant. My airbag didn't come out either. I am SOO glad. Anyway, I called my mom since I was only about 20 minutes from her house. She came, called the tow truck and thanks to AAA they hauled us and our broken car all the way back to Gardner. The kids were upset because they thought the broken car meant we were staying at Grandmas house. They slept in the tow truck all the way home. The car doesn't have a lot of damage but the radiator is busted and dumped out all the fluid. So the car runs, but is not driveable until we fix that. This is what insurance is for. Crazy Deer! Scott (my sisters boyfriend) went over too look for the deer. He was right there in the grass dead. I must have killed him on impact because he was right in the ditch where he slide off the road. I am glad I killed him and didn't just hurt him really bad. If you look at the picture close he still has all the velvet on his antlers.

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Shawn said...

I'm so glad you all were ok! How scary! I"m glad it didn't suffer though :(