Sunday, August 24, 2008

And now its countdown to baby!

WHEE! I can't believe the summer has zoomed by so fast! I am going to turn around twice and it will be Christmas. Geez. HA HA! Now that the family has come and gone it is the countdown to baby. 3 weeks people! This week my midwife comes for our home visit. It will be two hours and we will talk about all the birth plans, show her around the house and just get a feel for how and where we will do this thing. :) I AM SO EXCITED! Our friends came for dinner last night and brought us the big birth pool. There have been 8 babies born in that pool. That is so neat! One of them was a mom having a VBAC (vaginal birth after a c-section). One was an 11 lb baby. So there is some pretty good Karma around this pool. We plan on inflating it and doing a test run of our hose and the whole system before.

I got out my itty bitty diapers this weekend. Now I need to get out some gender neutral baby clothes, since this baby is surprise. Then we can easily grab either the boy or girl bucket of clothes in the days after he/she is born.

I made a pouch sling for baby today. I had made one previously and I sold it. So I made a second one. :)

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