Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dominic! 3!

My little man is 3 today! Doesn't seem possible! I remember the day I had him. I was just re-reading the birth story I wrote about him. It really was a wonderful birth. My husband and sister were there. We had some fun too that day. My mom stayed with Gioia and they had a good time just the 2 of them for a couple days. She could have cared less that mom and dad were gone because Grandma was here. :)

He has already opened his gifts. He got new animals, new trains, baseball bat, ball and glove. Gioia also got a glove so we can all play together. Tonight we are going to Chuck E Cheese with some friends. I also made this cake. It is actually a Double Chocolate Torte.

Last night when I was making it the eggs wouldn't get fluffy. You know when you are making the meringue part for the mousse? DH and I had an argument earlier in the evening so this was the last straw. I started crying. He was able to fix my egg whites for me and we finished the cake together.

So now I guess I will post a baby picture of my big guy.

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