Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Photo slacker

I used to be crazy with pictures. I took them all the time, everywhere. I have so many pictures it is annoying. So what is my deal lately? I even take my camera with me but don't use it. I think its because I am so busy with both kids. At Gioia's recital I videotaped her, but didn't get a picture of her in her dance custom. WTF?? I think I am going to take her to Target or something and get some pictures of her in it.

I did manage to take those pictures of Dominics staples in his head. Had to have that for memories. HA HA!

Only 10 more weeks till baby time. I am getting excited. I think DH and I have come to some agreement on a couple boys names. Still nothing on the girls names. Not much else to report on that front. Everything is going well.

We sold our Taurus this last weekend. So now DH has only the electric car to drive to work. It is working really well. He has his Classic Thunderbird that he could drive as a backup car.

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