Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Failed attempt.

So last night was my 30 week midwife appointment. Baby is doing good. Heart sounded great. I didn't gain anything these last two weeks, but my belly still grew the 2 cms it was supposed to. Considering my last appointment I gained 6 lbs in 3 weeks I am not worried.

We went to Cinzetti's Italian buffet last night. Kids eat free. It was great as always. After that a quick stop at Whole Foods then to the mall. Gioia had been talking about getting her ears pierced. I asked her if she was brave enough. OH YES. So I told her we would see how she felt after dinner. She still was really wanting to do it. I told her it would pinch a little but not really hurt, no blood etc.. We go to the mall, pick out adorable 14k blue flower earrings. Then she sits still, lets the lady clean her ears, and put the dots on them. She is really happy. They do the first ear. AND>>>>> Freaks out. :( Won't let them do the second ear. Damn it. So we talk, try to bribe with candy, hold a teddy bear, squeeze my hand, "Honey it looks silly with one ear, we have to do the other one.", etc. etc. The more we tried to talk her into it, the more upset she got. SO in the end, we took the earrings home. She is still wearing the one earring as she won't let us take it out. Thing is it really didn't hurt that much. She didn't cry, she was just surprised by the feeling. I blame myself. There is a good reason that my mom didn't let us get our ears pierced until age 9. DH said we should hold her head down and just do it. I said no. That is not cool and in the end he agreed. He was just frustrated. I wish I would have waited until they could have two people do both ears at the same time.


deannajo said...

Ugh Jaime, I'm sorry! That's frustrating. But you know, kinda funny. That's something you all will laugh about as she grows up - stories like that are great!

Allison and Meredith both got their ears pierced recently - They had two people doing Allison's at the same time, and that was perfect. For Meredith's, they only had one, but I had made sure to prep her, telling her that she could change her mind at any point, up until they did one ear. Once they did one ear, she could not change her mind and not do the other. Afterwards she said right after they did the first, she wanted to quit, but she remembered that she had made me a deal and just went ahead with the second. After all was said and done both of the girls said they were so glad they did it. Lydia now wants to get hers done too - so she can be like her big sisters. Since she's only four, I'm trying to put her off, but I think we may have to just go do it...she hasn't forgotten yet. Maybe Gioia would like to do her other ear at the same time Lydia does hers? Although that might scare them more ;-)

Mamaperreca said...

Thanks Deanna. Problem solved, but you are wiser than me having them do both of Meredith's at the same time.

Good luck with Lydia. She seems very stubborn and determined. I would do two at once with her as well.