Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Extra fun day.

Today was an extra fun day. We were up and at the Mall by 9:15 am or so. We played at the kids area, then watched a 10am movie. The local theatre has two kids movies during the week. It is nice because it is so hot you can't play outside all day unless you are swimming. Then in the afternoon we went to play with homeschool friends.

Finally in the late afternoon we went to the midwife. Baby is doing good. Baby is no longer sideways. He/She is starting to move head down, but hasn't made it all the way. Its ok. We have 7 more weeks, roughly. We are finally getting some names narrowed down. I am feeling great overall. Getting a tired more easy and back/hip aches. Nothing out of the ordinary. I am also doing great with no swelling. I gained 2 more pounds so now I am up to 140. YIKES! I still have almost 2 months left.

The icing on the cake was some naughty cookies we made (and ate). Also we went to Olive Garden for dinner. MMM! I had the seafood portofino.

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