Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quilting class

Saturday I took a quilting class. It was pretty fun. I discovered I really SUCK at free motion quilting. I will master it though. OH YES. It looks so cool and I will figure out how to stipple and make heart shapes and leaves and all that jazz on my quilts. For now, I think I will go ahead and do free motion straight lines. It will still look cool but not really hard. Got to start somewhere right??

I am making a star quilt for my brother for Christmas. I also have two quilts that the tops are done and I need to finish them. One I have a home in mind for it. The second is just a scrap quilt so I will probably keep it for now until I figure out someone who would like it. I think I will also make a baby quilt for my step-brother. They have a baby boy due in December.

Wow. I have lots of work in progress so I better get crackin. Seeing as how i have my own baby due in about 9 weeks. EEE!!!!

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Shawn said...

I wish I knew how to quilt!!! Of course I need more time in the day and less hobbies :)