Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catching up from the weekend.

We had a very busy weekend and it seems the week has gotten away from me. Friday night we drove to Iowa 2.5 hours. My husband stayed with his brother and they tiled 2 bathrooms and 1/2 of the kitchen. They worked till 2am friday night and then worked most of Saturday day. They were exhausted. Saturday night we drove back home. Sunday Gioia had her dance recital. My parents and sister were able to come and also some of our friends. It was so PRECIOUS! All the girls did excellent and danced so good. My mom brought Gioia flowers. She was really proud to have "her own" flowers.

This week we have been bumming around. Yesterday was my 28 week appointment. I am right on target with weight and belly size. Baby is still laying sideways. My midwife is not concerned. She said baby has lots of room in there so it just moves around. Once baby starts running out of room he/she will turn the right way.

I took Gioia to get a rash on her face looked at today. It has been there for like a month. He thinks it is a kind of staph infection. Not a serious one, just minor but hard to get rid of sometimes. He gave us some nasty smelling herbs and made it into a cream for her face. Also a homepathic. He wanted Gioia to drink the herbs 3 times a day as well. Um, yeah. When I gave them to her she puked. SO that is not happening. They smell foul. I think we can clear it up with the topical herbs.

Tonight is an impromptu MNO. We are going out for Thai Food. It should be fun. Just to hang out with the girls.

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