Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our first ER visit.

Dominic had his first trip to the ER last night.

Luckily DH came home from work early and we had eaten dinner early. SO about 5pm we had just finished eating and the kids ran up the stairs to the bedrooms. I sighed and followed them to the foot of the stairs shouting at them to come back down right now! We
don't let them play up there unsupervised because of the bathrooms and they get into stuff.

Well they were up there 2 mins tops and Dominic starts screaming! He runs out to the top of the stairs with blood streaming down his face. I yell at DH SHIT he is bleeding! I scoop him up and run to the bathroom. Grab a towel and see a 1 1/2 inch gash on the top of his head. It is kind of off to the side, like where a guy might do a side part. Well I see this and yell to DH "We gotta go to the hospital! " He dresses Gioia, gets me a rag to clean Dominic up and some clothes for him. Of course both the kids were naked or in underpants. It stopped bleeding pretty quickly so we calmly made our way to the hospital. We just went to Olathe Medical, because I could see it was going to be a routine head wound thing. He never passed out or anything.

Gioia said he fell against the cot. We had a camping cot set up in our room for Gioia to occasionally sleep on. Well Dominic kept saying the door. The door didn't make sense. I saw blood on the carpet by the cot. Well this morning he showed me and he pointed out the wooden window sill NEXT to the cot. So that makes more sense.

The kids were both really good at the ER. It took 3 hours total to get in and out. They used numbing gel for his head and he got 4 STAPLES. We left the ER about 8pm, he was asleep before we left the parking lot.


Anonymous said...

You're not a "real boy" until you have scars!!
Poor baby.
Grandma Elaine

Sarah said...

Poor thing! Hope he feels better.

I was about his age when I got my first stitches, and ironically they were in my head. LOL

Shawn said...

Ouch!!! Poor thing!