Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day Weekend

So we had a really great weekend. Saturday we went to the Arboretum for a walk in the morning. We found all kinds of fun bugs. Dragonflies, beetles, Rollie Pollies, and SNAILS. This giant cottonwood tree had snails all over it. The kids loved it. They even found a few snails on the ground that they picked up and looked at.

Then we went to Home Depot for more landscaping materials. DH finished the backyard landscaping. He also cleaned out he garage and got his cars back in it. Sunday we went to Mass. Later DH smoked a turkey on the smoker and we also cooked brats and steak for lunch. The kids played in the front with me all morning. Later it rained so we took naps and watched a movie. After dinner DH wanted to go get ice cream, so we did. We ended up going to the movies and watching Kung Fu Panda. It was cute. Dominic had trouble sitting still but he was good for most of the movie.

Gioia drew us the cutest picture.

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Shawn said...

What a cute picture! Sounds like a good weekend :)