Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bambino Slings

So I have been making slings for a while now and I really like it. Several people have been buying them and even more asking for them. I have also sold a few at a friends business Happybottomus. My husband encouraged me to sell them myself and so I decided to do it. I really do like making them and I challenge myself to find funky fabric and fun things to stand out. I also make a few plainer ones for the people that DON'T want to stand out. :) So my new website is It is not very exciting yet. My sister borrowed my camera for the weekend so I can't add all the slings yet. But check back in a few days and I will have 5-10 slings up for purchase. I am also trying to really keep the cost down to $30 or less so people can afford to buy them. I know when I bought my first sling I paid $45 dollars. It was hard to part with that kind of money when I had never tried it before. I also have the option on there to have a sling custom made if you have your own fabric or you want something in particular. So tell people about it and if someone asks you about your sling send them to my website for a local dealer, even if I didn't make yours.

In regular news, we have had a nice weekend. Friday night we went out for my sisters birthday. It was only the second time in 3 years I had been to a bar. We went to Howl at the Moon piano bar. It rocked! They have dueling pianos (2) playing and they do everything from country songs to Def Leppard to Come on Ilene. All songs that people can sing or dance to. They get the crowd very involved and it was great!! So happy 29th birthday Melanie!

Saturday we chilled. Massimo went fishing in the morning. In the afternoon we grilled burgers and veggies. Today, Sunday we went to 8am Mass. The kids did really good today. Dominic even sat through the whole thing. We went fishing for about an hour but it got hot on us. Then we had pasta for lunch. After lunch we went to the Aquatic Center and swam for a couple hours. We are having BBQ ribs, corn, beans and spinach salad for dinner. MMM!! Can't wait!

Tomorrow I promise pictures from Friday night and a new recipe.

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Shawn said...

That is awesome Jaime!!! I'll get that posted on my blog! I'm ready for our next Italian cook day too :)