Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fridge locks.

A Fridge lock is going to save my life. Ok..maybe not my life but definitely my sanity. So far this week my Raccoon son has gotten out the eggs and broke two, got out mushrooms and mashed into the carpet and gotten out numerous things to eat. I should also mention I found the broken egg mess by stepping in it. NICE. So I went to Walmart, which I loath to do, and bought a fridge lock. I am not sure it will be strong enough but we will give it a go.

Speaking of my son. We have finally determined the cause of all his mystery hives that pop up at random times. Sometimes they are bad. Sometimes they are one or two spots. The culprit? Cold. Thats right, I was stunned too. But after 2 popsicle instances, one cold water (pool) and cold fruit on his face I got to searching online. It is called Cold Urticaria (Urticaria is the fancy word for hives). Check it out here. So really there is nothing to do, except watch out for what he might be exposed to. The main thing to worry about is cold water like a really cold pool where his whoole body might have a severe reaction. They said in the articles that a doctor would do a ice cube test on the skin. I did that. After only 1 min, instead of 5-10 mins like was suggested he had a HUGE welt on his arm in the shape of an ice cube. Then I felt bad. I didn't mean for that to happen, I was just morbidly curious to what the ice cube test would say about him. Well it was a pretty acute reaction. We won't try it again.

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Shawn said...

So do they make these for husbands? :)