Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week in Review

So last weekend we did the farm and camping thing. THen we turned around Monday morning and headed to St. Louis. We were there for 3 days, came home Thursday morning. We went to the St. Louis zoo. It is really nice. They have a penguin house that you can get super close to them and I even got splashed by one swimming. Then Wed. we went to the City Musuem. It was SOO cool. It was a little scary for the kids, but Gioia got used to it after a bit. The whole second floor is an elaborate tree house, tunnels and mazes to climb in. The kids did pretty good in the car. We all felt a little sick while we were there, but still had a good time! I have no pictures because Dominic got my camera wet and I think it is ruined. :(

Yesterday we had a baby shower for my good friends. They are having their first, a boy. He is due in about 4 weeks. Fun!! Today we are having our Attachment Parenting Spring party.

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