Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lets see, what has been going on this week? Well Sunday we went to my Dad's for a visit. It was nice. The kids played and the adults talked. We cooked on the grill. Dad gave me a camping stove, double burner, never been used. Sweet! I am excited to use it on our vacation. Speaking of vacation, it is supposed to be next week. Camping in Missouri. Guess what??? The weather is calling for rain all week! DAMN IT!! Rain Rain go away!

Gas prices! DOUBLE DAMN IT! This is freakin ridiculous. We are seriously going to have to get cracking on a grease car or whatever. I mean, it was $3.36 here last night. I hear it is going up for the weekend. OH JOY! This is the main reason we aren't going to Colorado right now. But they also say Corn prices are going up because of all the E-85 being sold. I think that is great. I feel like calling my Stepdad and saying PLANT CORN! ha ha! Now i just need a car that runs on it.

Gioia is having a great time with her new found computer skills. She plays for a while each day. She has a couple websites she can do now. Dominic is talking a mile a minute. He repeats any and all words. Luckly no bad words yet. :)

I am back to using my 35mm Camera because my digital is toast. We got it working after the kids got it wet, but the pictures it takes are all crappy and grainy. :( So anyway, hopefully I will post new pictures after our vacation.

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