Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Delivery day

I got two packages today. One, Gioia's new carseat! She likes it, I love it. Now we get to test it out this weekend when we go to Grandma's house. It is about a 2 hour drive. I think it will go fine. Second package was my video camera. FINALLY it is fixed. I am so excited to video tape all the things Dominic has been doing. I have missed a lot of things since it has been broken for about 6 months. Well anyway. It was cool to get all my deliveries today. Fed ex came to my house twice. Doesn't seem very well organized to have 2 separate trucks have to come to my house. Whatever! That is why they charge so much i guess. Geez!

Also had to order 2 new tires for our Durango today. Upon further research we found out, guess what? Our current tires are crap and people have lots of bad reviews for them. DH has patched tons of punctures and leaks in them, and now one is got a slipped belt. So we are getting some Michelin tires that are rated 5 stars by customer reviews and Costco carries them and puts them on for free. Free lifetime rotation and balance and stem replacement, etc...
Hopefully they will last a really long time.

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Kara said...

and we ARE going camping! i'm off to blog about that - i'm excited!