Friday, May 11, 2007

Learning new things

Well Dominic has learned to sleep in his own bed. It is really great. We are all enjoying more sleep and more bed space. He is also talking up a storm. Repeats everything we say to him. Gioia had a new learning experience yesterday. She learning how to use the mouse pad on the computer. So now she can play her word games online. She loves this website. It is learning letter sounds and how to read. She still works on the letter sounds. I might let her try the reading stuff soon. I was really amazed that she could figure out the mouse and do it so well. Now she can play letter games when I need her to do something quiet during rest time or when i am making dinner, etc.

I am gearing up for our big camping trip to Colorado. We are so excited. I am going to a camping store today hopefully. They have surplus camping things from Coleman and I am getting new sleeping bags and hand and feet warmer things. Maybe a camp heater if they have one for a great price.

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Shawn said...

Oh Jaime I'm so jealous that he is sleeping in his bed. We are trying but she isnt liking it for some reason. Does he still wake to nurse? Love the pics on your blog. Wish we all didnt live so far away from each other. :(