Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh my head...

So Blues Traveler kicked ass last night. But I drank too much. So did my friend. We had to leave early because of it, so we didn't get to see the entire show. But oh well, it was still fun. My mom was here and helped me with the kids this morning. Then we she got ready to leave, my daughter wanted to go with Grandma. We ended up letting her go and she will meet us tomorrow afternoon to give her back. It is always fun at Grandmas house! I was supposed to babysit for a friend this afternoon, but they canceled because of not feeling well. That actually worked to my advantage. I am reminded that I am too old and it hurts to drink too much. Ugh!

Anyway, DH mowed and weedeat the lawn today. Looks really nice. I mustered up the energy to make a Quiche for my friends and some pumpkin muffins for them and us as well. They made it home with their new baby Keegan and they are just the cutest new family. Baby is beautiful!

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Kara said...

you goof. you are SOOO short and To.THE.POINT.

i drink. friend drink. we drunk. we go. talking re:lip gloss & anal (but not at the SAME time) morning come, ouch. puke.