Monday, May 14, 2007

Graduation! Congrats Colt!

My brother Colt graduated from High School yesterday. He is the last of us. My moms baby, her fourth child. Come august her and my dad will be home alone! AHHH! Ha ha! I think they are ready for it in a way. I am not sure what my mom will do. She has always been active in our sporting events, school plays, MOB squad, and any other parenting duty under the sun. Anyway, colt got over $5000 a semester in scholarships and loans. He graduated in the honor society, A+ programs, and several other awards. He also already has 17 hours of college credit. That is a whole semester already complete. That is awesome. He is going Pre-med and is on the football team at Mo Western in St. Joseph Mo. He is also rooming with a friend from high school who is also on the football team. He is off to a great start and we are all SUPER proud of him.

Will post picture later. My camera is toast. :(

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