Monday, May 07, 2007

I shouldn't be awake yet! :(

AHHH! I shouldn't even be awake yet, but I am. It is 6am, but I have been up since 5am. :( Last night we took the plunge and moved Dominic to his own bed. DH slept in there since it was the first night and I didn't want him to wake up and be scared. It didn't go so well, but was about what I expected. Baby was pissed and he screamed for me. DH sang to him, and did his best to comfort him. Gioia was on the top bunk and amazingly slept through most of the screaming. He kept asking for his nursing, but we keep telling him that nursing is night-night and we can have nursing in the morning. Poor little thing cried so hard he made himself hoarse. So when DH had to get up to go to work at 5:15am I had to take over and of course the little guy was all awake then, so we came down for breakfast. After we ate THEN we had some nursing. I am expecting him to nap about 10am or so today.

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