Monday, March 22, 2010

New projects for Spring.

We are in full on project mode around here. Here is the run-down.

1) Chickens growing in the garage. Tomorrow my husbands coworker and son are coming to help set up the chicken coop we got. Hopefully those chickens will soon be outside.

2) Seedlings started. Hmmm. Lots of seeds sprouted, lots have died so far. I am not pleased. We got more grow lights and I got out the plant food to mix with the water. Hopefully the weather will turn and I can have them outside during the day.

3) Curtains for the living room. They are made and tonight we purchased the decorative rod. I hope to get hubby to hang it this week.

4) Storage unit for the basement. This is a new project. It is a building project and I am going to do it. I am recruiting DH to help with the cutting. Sutherlands cut half of it tonight and hopefully DH can cut the rest this week. Then I can get started on it. I am building this:

Well actually you can customize it how you want. I plan to do the top row all 4 hole cubby units. the middle will be the doors like in the picture. I will probably even paint the chalkboard paint on the doors. Then the bottom will be the bases but with drawers in them.

I am getting my plans from Ana over at Knock-Off Wood.
Amazing stuff. I got the wood for the bases tonight. I hope to have them done this week. I will keep you posted.

This wonderful setup is going to go in the basement. Toy storage, book storage, homeschool stuff storage. Whatever! I can't wait. My husband is so excited that I am taking on this building project.

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