Sunday, March 21, 2010

Henna hair

My hair has been many colors and I was wanting something more simple for summer. We plan on doing a lot of swimming this summer and I didn't want to mess with fading color or things like that.
I have been really wanting to try Henna. It is natural and doesn't dry out your hair. In fact, it has cocoa butter in it to condition it. So I got some Henna and a couple friends came over to do it with me. One friend has some grays and I have been telling her she needed to try the Henna because they say its great for grays. So we put the Henna on, put a plastic sack around our heads and waited 3 hours. Then the color takes a few days to end up the final color.

Here is my hair the day after Henna. You can see where my blonde pieces stayed lighter than the rest.

Here is the second day. It has gotten a little darker. Still redish in better lighting.

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