Monday, March 08, 2010

Goodbye old friend.

We lost our dog this weekend. First he was just lost, then we found him. Pretty sure he was hit by a car. This part isn't a surprise, just unpleasant.

We got him the DAY we moved into our first house. He was this little white fluffball. We brought him home and named him Wickett (like the Ewok). I remember my parents watching him when we were on vacation and when we got back my little white dog was almost black. He had quite a time on the farm. :)
We nicknamed him Wicky Wild Man cause he was always so full of energy. I have a picture somewhere of him and Massimo snuggling on the couch sleeping. He was our first dog and SOO good with the kids. Gioia would put a leash around him and lead him around the yard, running and playing.

He will be sadly missed. :(


Anonymous said...

Wicket was always full of energy and fun. It's always hard to lose a pet that has been such a great family member for so long. He surely will be missed. One of my favorite memories of him was as puppy, and the boys holding him while they would "release the cat", to get him to chase it! ha!
He was a good dog!
Love, Mom

Kararific said...

That is a great picture of the dogs and Massimo :)