Friday, March 12, 2010


We are getting chickens this weekend. I can't wait. We are all so excited! These will be the eatin' chickens. We are going to get some laying hens but have to get their house built first. Pretty sure we are doing a chicken tractor. Probably something very similar to this. CHICKEN TRACTOR The benefit to this is that you can move their coop all over your land but the chickens are not loose. This is ideal for us since we and our neighbor both have dogs that roam around. It also protects the chickens from other predators. Thirdly, it keeps them out of my garden! HA HA! My husband has a friend at work that has too many chickens and said he will gladly sell us some. We also found a business that sells those wood pallets for $1 each. We are hoping to get a bunch of those and use for some of these products.

Greenhouse update: The greenhouse was sold out, but we got a raincheck for the sale price that is good for a whole year. So with that in mind, we are going to wait a bit on the Greenhouse. First we are going to concentrate on getting the chickens set up and then work on the Greenhouse later in the summer.

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