Saturday, December 19, 2009

Visit with Santa

At our house we have tried really hard not to push the Santa thing. I want my kids to have the fun Christmas experience but on the other had I want to emphasize Jesus at Christmas time not BUY BUY and I WANT I WANT! I also have a little problem with feeding them a story (lie) but then telling them later it is not true. But of course they watch movies and Santa is a main theme in all of them. So when we started out we just didn't mention Santa. My mother in law had the smart idea of mentioning the Santa was just for kids and then adults buy each other gifts when you are older. Vague answers have also seemed to satisfy. It leaves open the option for the kids to believe, without the parent committing to a lieing. For example, yesterday we saw Santa at Bass Pro Shop and got a free picture with him. The kids really enjoyed it. Gioia asked the man if he was the real Santa. His answer? "You never can tell. That is part of the fun of Santa and Christmas is never really knowing." Thank you Santa! That was the perfect answer. She decided for herself that she didn't think he was the real Santa. That he was just a worker and the real Santa was much to busy to be at all the stores doing that. But she told him what she wanted just the same and was happy to talk to him.

For our part we emphasis giving. We took names from the angel tree at church and bought presents for a family in need. We talked about how we were playing Santa when we did that. We also have talked about Saint Nicholas and how he was the first "santa". All in all, I think the Santa thing can be fun and harmless. I remember when I finally accepted and knew for sure my mom was our Santa. It wasn't sad or anything, actually then she started letting me help her with wrapping stuff for my little brothers and helping her be sneaky. We would hide the presents at my Granny's house. Then go get them on Christmas Eve.

Ok, so done with my soapbox and on to what people really want to see. Cute pictures of the kids with Santa. FYI, Luca was asleep in the sling. So he didn't do Santa pictures this year. Pretty sure he would have NOT wanted to go to him anyway. He is kind of a mamas boy these days.

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