Monday, December 21, 2009

Mary Poppins and Nativity play.

The kids have had several activites this week. One of the biggest being Gioia's Mary Poppins production. She had the part of Katie Nanna, Chimney Sweep, Bank patron, and Penguin. Her Katie Nanna had several lines and she got to wear a microphone. The kids all did wonderful. We had several other friends in it as well. In the spring I heard they are doing Charlotte's Web.

Then on Sunday they had their sunday school play. It was the Nativity. All the grades were involved. Dominics preschool class were angels. Gioias class were the sheep. Dominics class sang "Go Tell It on the Mountain". Gioias sang "Silent Night". All the kids sang "Joy to the World" at the end. It was very cute. Of course there was narrating and Mary and Joseph and some of the big kids had reading parts. It was the whole Christmas story.

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