Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finished projects.

I got a few projects finished this week. I hope to have some more done by Christmas time.

I got a quilt top pieced together, but I don't want to post it until I get it all quilted. I got a baby rag quilt done. Not sure who this is going to yet, but I have a bunch of pregnant friends and family. So I am sure it will find a home soon. First picture is front. Second is back.

I also made a bunch of flannel cloth wipes. These can be used for Kleenex, TP or napkins. Whatever. I have a stack in the master bath that I started using for TP. I like them. Then I just toss in the diaper pail. Lets face it, 90% of the time its just pee anyway. So why not throw it in with the diapers?

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