Thursday, April 30, 2009

When did I get this old?

Today in my moms group online discussions we were talking about how you know that your family is complete and you are done having kids. It was a very interesting discussions. The general consensus was that you just know. There were people on all sides, some getting vasectomies, some waiting in case they changed their mind later and some open to as many kids as god gives them. We are in the middle, probably want one more and after that will not do anything permanent but definitely will be using methods of prevention.

The real questions is this, When did I get this old? How is it that I even old enough to talk about being done having babies? It is very surreal and out of body type of feeling. Its like I am in someone elses life and i am really just a teenager/young adult still. Just 6 years ago I had no children. Now here I am talking with my mom friends about how you know when your family is complete. Wow. Crazy.

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