Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A super productive day.

I had a wonderfully productive day today. I like days like this. It makes a gal feel like she has her shit together. HA HA! For our homeschool activities Gioia read me If You Give A Pig A Party. Then we played a rousing game of UNO, in which we worked on numbers and colors. Dominic is FINALLY getting his colors and he even got a few of his numbers right. I think we are going to play this everyday for a while. Gioia also finished her paper doll craft. We had lunch and I made a Quiche up for dinner. Then someone called me about her slings. I had already done the two kid slings for her, so I hopped downstairs and sewed up her other sling. I sent the kids outside to play in the afternoon. I cleaned up the house. Later I made her a new skirt for Easter. We had a showing of the house this evening. While the showing was taking place we went to vote. We have a hot election going on for Mayor and City Council here in town. I am anxious to find out who won. We hung out at the library for about 30 minutes then came home.

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Jill Cook said...

Go you! I love days like that...unfortunately it's been awhile since I've had one myself. Andrew worked from home today so I was lucky just to make my 5pm service appointment at the car dealer.