Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Product evaluation.

I do online surveys for a place called Pinecone Research. What they do is when a company has a new product they ask peoples opinion on it. The survey has questions about the look of the product, the believability of the advertising, if you would try it, what you think you would like or dislike about it and that such thing. They always ask you if you would try the product if they send it to you. Well they sent me something. This is the third time I have received a trial product. Due to confidentiality I can't say what I have received specifically. The first time it was a new juice. The second time it was a baby product. This time its a personal care item. Each time I have received things I would actually buy so that is nice. I think this company does a really good job with sending trial things to people that would buy them. That is pretty remarkable since I am pretty picking with the things I buy.

Oh and I do get paid for this as well. It used to be $5.00 a survey. Now it is $3.00 a survey and sometimes they do drawings for lump sum prizes like $100 dollars. I have never won that of course.

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