Thursday, April 23, 2009

No 4 wheeling in a minivan.

So today I met some friends out at our property to hang out and plant trees. We had 6 fruit trees, a red maple and some baby trees that are flowering trees. I got there will all my supplies, stakes, fencing, water, etc. Our friends met us there and we all were ready to go. We started unloading the van and walking to the tree planting spot. I decided it was solid enough to drive on. It would have my Durango, but you see I got a minivan this week. So I make it through the little driveway, turn into the grass and STUCK! DAMN! After trying for a few minutes to get out I parked it and we planted trees. It went good for the most part. It was hot and the kids were getting whiny and bored.

I had brought my camera but didn't get a single picture. I was too worried about trying to get done before my baby overheated. I was also worried about getting the van out. We tried again later but it was still stuck. I called my husband and he suggested packing loose dry grass around the wheels. I wasn't stuck deep, just spinning in the mud. So the grass worked! We were free!! He told me, You aren't supposed to be 4 wheeling, its a minivan! I said, I miss my Durango. :) I do really like my van. I just have to realize it has limits.

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