Sunday, March 01, 2009

Elimination Diet

Luca has had a rash on his tummy and back for over a month now. After trying various things I took him to our Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Shelton, whom we love! He took one look and said what I already knew. Jaime, its something you are eating. AKA, he is getting something in my breastmilk that his body doesn't like. Great... Now the hard part, what the hell is it? So I am on an Elimination Diet. That means I can basically eat meat and veggies. That is it. Doesn't sound so bad huh? No wheat, no dairy, no eggs, no citrus fruits, no tomatoes, NO COFFEE! So.....

So... Thursday night I started the diet hardcore. Friday I had one cup of half caf coffee with plans to not have any the next day. I was usually drinking one cup in the am and one in the early afternoon. So Friday I just had the one half strength. I also didn't eat any of the other things on my list. So Friday night I started getting a headache. Saturday I had a full on migraine and thought I would throw up. Took Excedrine Migraine, it helped a little. I took a nap with Luca. By afternoon I could function again but still had the headache. Sunday morning guess what??/ Still had some of the headache, but after eating and drinking some water and EmergenC the headache FINALLY went away.

We went to run errands and I stopped at Whole Foods. I bought some expensive wheat, dairy, soy, egg free Granola bars and cereal bars. They are pretty good. They taste like a treat and that is what I need. I also can't have chocolate (it all has dairy in it). :( I also bought some Asian rice noodles to have instead of pasta.

The rash? Looking a little better. I better see some MAJOR progess in the next week.

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