Sunday, March 15, 2009

House for sale.

Well we are going to be listing our house for sale on Thursday. YEAH! It is exciting. I hope it sells quickly. However, that also means that we need to get really going on our plans for our other house. We also need to start looking for a rental to live in for the meantime. We won't start building our new house until the old one is sold, signed and in possession of the new owners. We just can't take the chance of ending up with two houses.

We spent all day getting stuff finished. We still have quite a bit of final touches to make. DH got the garage all cleaned up. So that is a huge project done. We need to finish organizing the basement a little more and then general pickup. We rented a storage space to put some of our clutter and garage stuff in to make it look better. My hubby predicts we will get a contract on it in 3 weeks. I am hoping so too. So we are putting positive thoughts into action. I will post the listing when its up so you all can pass it on to anyone looking for a great house.

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