Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Weekend at the Farm.

We went to visit my parents again this weekend. It was really fun. My dad found about 5 gallons of Morel Mushrooms. Mom and I fried mushrooms until we were sick of it this weekend. We were feeding my brothers too, so that took a lot of mushrooms. Saturday evening we all went fishing. Everyone caught something. Gioia just caught a couple little ones that we threw back. Dominic caught a nice size catfish on his little pole. It broke the line at the shore. We managed to hang on to it though. My mom will be sending pictures of the fishing. I have a couple of the kids kicking around at the farm though. They also went and rode on my dads new Ranger. It is the farm utility vehicles that look like golf carts, but nicer. It has a bed in the back for hay or buckets. It also has a dump feature so you can dump the bed out. It goes up to 45 mph I guess. He drove it the 10 miles or so to my brothers house. I told him he was the "old man on the mower" driving all over town that way. HA HA!!

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Shawn said...

Sounds like a fun ewekend! Corey still hasn't gotten a chance to get out and get morrels. I hope he can this weekend if the weather cooperates!