Friday, May 16, 2008

Crazy Friday.

Today was supposed to be a lazy Friday. We had breakfast, then I made two veggie lasagnas. We were done by 10am. I was going to relax have lunch and run a few errands. Well then it got crazy. My sister came downstairs and told me that she hit the crub on the way home and ruined her tire. So then a blonde and a pregnant lady (us) tried to change the tire. A neighbor stopped and did it for us. We knew how, but couldn't get the jack in the right place. He had it done in less than 5 minutes. Then Mel had to drive to Lawrence to get a new wheel. Come back and get a new tire at Costco. Meanwhile, the kids and I: Went for Chinese for lunch. Delivered the lasagna to our friend. Took our recycling to the center. Sat in construction traffic. Went to Costco to meet Mel and get a few groceries. Sat in construction traffic some more. Finally come home. Have dinner which was already made (thank goodness). Make a sling for a friend. Finally relax.

This weekend we have planned a birthday party to go to tomorrow. Then sunday my dad is coming to help Massimo wire the garage for the electric car. It will be nice to have him not unplugging my dryer every day.

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