Sunday, May 18, 2008

No credit cards.

So I just closed my credit card. I paid the balance on Friday and closed it today. FEELS great! DH still has a couple (one for the electric car and one with a small balance on it). I hope to be able to close one of his cards by the end of June. After the credit cards we are stuffing money into savings to save up for the down payment on building our new house next year. We hope to start building in April to May range and have it done about 6 months after that.

So for the first time since college I don't have a credit card at all! Wow I love it. When we get DH's cards paid off we will close the American Express, but the Mastercard we will probably leave open with only a 1000 dollar credit limit. It will be for emergencies only. But with a 1000 limit it won't get us in trouble.

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Shawn said...

Congrats Jaime that is awesome!!! We are hoping to do the same, hopefully nothing else will break that is expensive in the house!