Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sorry to be such a blog slacker. Nothing really exciting is going on around here.

My mom came to visit Friday night and Saturday. Gioia had a dance recital on Saturday. She just did one song, but it was super cute. I am glad mom got to come.

Dominic was sick last week. Tuesday night thru Thursday he ran an fever and had this crazy rash on him. Then Friday it was pretty much gone, no fever. So i cancel the doctors appointment. Then Friday night and Saturday morning he gets these hives on him that go away with Benadryl. But each day they were less. By Sunday he didn't have any, except a few on his face for about 15 mins when he was throwing a fit and crying. My friend who is a Nurse Practioner said it was probably just left over from whatever virus he had. She must be right because he has been fine since then.

Now I wake up Sunday with a sore throat, Monday it is a stuffed up nose. Now today I feel better in the nose, but still kind of crappy with this cold. We have Volleyball tonight. I will probably go, don't know if I will play or just hang out. I will see how I feel. Thursday we have a cooking day here, rescheduled from last week. I am still planning to have it. I KNOW I will feel much better by then, right?? Right.

We had to bring the plants in last night. There was a frost warning. Great. I need to go out and uncover all the garden today. Guess that means I need to change out of my PJ's and put on some clothes. LOL!!

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Shawn said...

We had fun seeing you all today! Maybe if this weather ever gets better you'll feel better too :)