Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chicken Creole

I do like to cook. Especially when everyone in my family loves it. Today I made Chicken Creole and it turned out wonderful. I used this recipe: I made a few changes, cooked and diced chicken for the shrimp, red bell pepper instead of green, can of Rotel instead of plain diced tomatoes, and Creole seasoning. I don't see how you can make it without Creole Seasoning. It made the dish. Of course, tonight is Moms Night Out. We are going to a Mexican place. Its ok though. I ate a bowl of the Creole at 3:30pm. I will be hungry again by 7pm, when we eat at the MNO.

Today was a do nothing gray dreary day. I did manage to cook, clean up the kitchen and clean up the living room. The vacuum bag was overfull and since I changed it, it doesn't work right. I also cleaned the filters and had to unplug the hose which was full. Geez. Didn't realize it had been so long since I last checked the bag.

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Shawn said...

yum! that looks good!